Dark Passages

A Kai scenario!!! (Mafia AU!) Enjoy~ ♥

You sat huddled on the cold floor, shivers ripping through your body from the damp cold. You bit your lip to keep yourself from making any noise, hoping you wouldn’t be found and dragged back to the place you were trying to escape.

You were the daughter of the most powerful leader of South Korea’s most powerful Mafia. It wasn’t an easy life, and it had demanded a lot from you as a child. Later being recruited because of your skill and connections. This also made you a target for rival gangs as well as law enforcement.

It was because of the law enforcement that you were in the predicament you were in now. A spy had been hired to take you down. He had trailed you and researched you trying to get anything that could take you down. When that failed he took on the most dangerous assignment of his career, undercover work to get close to you. He crept his way into your life, getting closer and closer to you as the days passed. This was where all the problems started. The two of you slowly began to fall for each other, to the point that he risked his career (and life) to confess his true reasons for getting to know you.

“—— I’m only telling you this because… it’s because I love you ——. I’m risking everything to tell you this, and I’m willing to throw everything away for you. All I want is to be with you ——.” He had said to you. It was then you decided you wanted to escape the life you had known all your life, to start a new and more normal life with a family. Even if it meant defying your father, the most dangerous man in all of South Korea, you were willing to risk it.

“Found you.” a gravelly voice called out to you from the shadows of the doorway. You cowered lower into the corner, automatically reaching for a gun or weapon that you did not have. “You’ve been a naughty little girl haven’t you? Causing your daddy so much trouble. Well I guess we’re just going to have to teach you why you should never disobey your family.” the voice taunted.

“No… please…” you whimpered as heavy footsteps began making their way across the room. “Please don’t hurt me.” you pleaded as the man got closer. You knew that your plea would only fall on deaf ears, but you tried anyways. “Oh darling we’ll be as gentle as we can, so you may still get away with your life.” the man laughed a low horrible laugh as he spoke. You knew it was the end for you; the punishment for trying to leave was death. You screamed as the man grabbed your hair and yanked you up. “Come along girly, you have a date. And not with that stupid pretty boy of yours. Besides he’ll be joining you soon.” the man laughed again, his low throaty laugh as he dragged you out of the room. You felt hot tears fall down your face, you didn’t care if they caught you, but you hoped and prayed that they wouldn’t catch Kai. If anyone was to survive this suicide attempt at freedom you wanted it to be him.

Kai made his way down the dark corridor, gun poised and ready to shoot if need be. He was looking for you, knowing that the two of you were so close to freedom and bringing down you dads mafia. He crept along the wall of the hallway, trying to stay as invisible as possible. A door just a few feet down the hall caught his attention, the door was slightly ajar. Slowly Kai made his way over to the door, gun raised in front and his finger on the trigger. Quietly Kai opened the door the rest of the way, still on defense mode and ready to shoot. The lighting was low in the room, but lighter that the dark corridor. Kai blinked trying to clear his vision when his eyes fell upon a picture of you. Kai couldn’t help but smile at the thought of you, the person who meant the most to him. You were the reason he was creeping around South Korea’s most dangerous mafia base. It was dangerous, most would say suicidal, to be we’re he was but the thought of spending the rest of his life with you was too tempting to pass up no matter what he had to go through. A piercing scream ripped through the silent air, and Kai recognized it right away as you. “——.” he whispered before rushing out of the room and down the corridor.

The man had dragged you to another room, one that had a steel bed in meh far corner. Upon entrance the man pushed you harshly into the room, making you fall onto the hard cold floor. “Hello ——.” A voice, barely above a whisper, called to you. You looked up in horror to meet your father’s cold heartless gaze. “Dad…” you gasped as your father moved towards you.”Get up.” your father commanded, but you stayed on the floor to paralyzed by fear to move. “I said get up you worthless little brat.” your father said grabbing your hair and yanking you off the floor. You screamed from the pain as you were dragged to your feet. “You almost made it too. To think —— you almost had a life of your own, but you forgot one thing. The only way for you to truly be free is to get rid of me. But you couldn’t do that, not to your own father,” your father let out a laugh that made you cringe and shiver. It was so full of hatred and evil.

“Well —— you know the punishment for trying to leave. But I think I’ll hold off on your death for now, I want you to watch as that dear boyfriend of yours gets killed.” your dad laughed once again, and you realized just how truly evil and heartless he was. You lunged at your father with the intention of taking him out once and for all, even if you had to do it barehanded you would end him. Your father blocked your attack and slapped you with the back of his hand, allowing his ring to scratch deeply into your flesh. You fell to the floor, blood seeping out of your gash. “Stupid stupid child, no matter how hard you try you will never get out.” your father hissed at you, moving closer to you. You shrunk lower to the floor and as far away from the evil man that stood before you.

Kai rushed down the corridor faster than before, motivated by the second piercing scream he had heard. Praying he wasn’t too late Kai pushed his way into the room that your scream had elicited from. Kai barged into the room to find you lying on the ground injured, and your father hovering over you. From the corner of his eye Kai saw the henchman running towards him. With one swift motion the gun in Kai’s hand was aimed and shot, easily taking out the henchman. Kai swiveled the barrel of his gun towards the mob leader with the intent to kill.

“I see the boy has finally arrived.” your father began, a slight smirk appearing on his face. “To bad this reunion won’t last long.” He finished. In one swift motion the ring your father had been wearing was flung towards Kai, knocking the gun from his hands. Just as quickly he was in front of Kai throwing a punch, and hitting Kai square in the jaw. Kai stumbled backwards and before he had time to regain himself your father was at him again throwing another punch and then another. You pushed yourself off the ground and ran at your father, throwing all your weight at him and knocking him down. Kai quickly gained his balance and ran for his gun, as your father pulled a knife and made a move towards you. “You will die!” your father screamed before the sound of a gunshot went off.

Your father’s body went limp, and the knife fell from his hand. The sound of the gun still resonated in the room. You crawled backwards until your back hit the wall; you let the coolness of the wall seep into your body. You watched as Kai cautiously made his way towards your father’s lifeless body. You couldn’t help it as sobs began to rack your body, not because the man you had called your father was dead but because you were actually free. The sobs began to come fast and hard and your breath came in gasps. Kai ran over to you, dropping to his knees, and wrapped his arms around your frame. “Shh baby don’t cry, it’s alright. Its over we’re free.” Kai cooed into your ear. You nodded knowing he was right, but the sobs still came.

Kai sat with you until you had calmed down, somewhere along the way he had pulled you to sit in his lap and cry into his chest. The whole time he whispered sweet nothing’s to you and talked about how your life would be so much better. “Kai,” you finally said after a little bit, Kai just hummed to encourage you to continue. “Thank you for everything. You risked your life to help me escape my life. I couldn’t ask for anyone better than you.” you told Kai, grateful for having someone as amazing as him in your life. “Anything for you ——. I will gladly risk my life for you, and it’s all because I love you ——.” Kai leaned down and kissed the top of your head. “I love you too Kai.” you said pulling back from his chest and leaning up to kiss him.

The two of you shared a passionate kiss, with you pulling away first out if breathe. “Babe we’re free, we can live the life we have always wanted.” Kai said slightly breathless, a huge smile gracing his face. You nodded letting the happiness of it all sink in, a huge smile spreading across your face. “I know.” was your only response before you leaned up and, once again, kissed Kai passionately.


A Chanyeol scenario!!! (This is a new one that I wrote out of boredom~) Enjoy~ ♥

I feel deep in my chest

That you are my everything, that you are heaven

Baby baby baby, baby baby baby

Promise me that you too will only see me

Only love me

-Baby by Exo



You sat on Chanyeol’s lap, both snuggled up on one of your very old and well used, but very much loved, armchairs. The house phone was clutched tightly in your hand as you waited for an important phone call. “Channie, they should be calling by now. Why aren’t they calling?” you asked worriedly as you turned in Chanyeol’s lap to face him. “Hey ——, calm down. I’m sure they’ll call alright? They said today was the day, so they will call.” Chanyeol said, wrapping one hand around your waist and rubbing soothing circles into your back. “B-but what if they don’t call? What if it d-didn’t f-fall through?” you whimpered out, leaning your head into Chanyeol’s chest in search of comfort. “Babe, don’t think like that, okay? It’ll all work out, I just know it. It’ll be okay.” Chanyeol soothed as he placed light kisses to the crown of your scalp. The two of you stayed like that for a while, with you cuddling into Chanyeol’s chest and Chanyeol’s nose nestled comfortably in your hair, until the shrill sound of a phone going off broke the quiet. You stared at the phone in your hand that was shrilling and ringing loudly, suddenly feeling unsure. It was Chanyeol who finally plucked the phone out of your hand and pressed the talk button. “Hello?” Chanyeol answered, and you could hear a faint voice on the other line, but couldn’t tell what they were saying. “Yes this is the Park residence…” Chanyeol continued, and you began to feel a sense of hope swell in you.

A week after the awaited phone call both you and Chanyeol stood in a newly furnished baby’s room. “Tomorrow Channie tomorrow is the day!” you squealed excitedly as you grabbed hold of Chanyeol’s arm. “It is ——!” Chanyeol exclaimed, unable to hide his excitement of tomorrow’s events.

You and Chanyeol had been trying for over a year to adopt a child from China, going through many hours of paper work and grueling fights with courts to get it all done. Your relationship had been tested more often than not throughout the whole ordeal, with stress levels and anger levels rising with each challenge the two of you had to face. But you guys had made it, persevered and grew stronger in your love and relationship. And then, after much waiting, had finally received the phone call (a week ago) that confirmed that the two of you would be getting a child, a toddler named Zitao.

Chanyeol jumped slightly when he felt you grab him around the waist and hug him tightly. “We did it Channie. After a year we are finally going to be parents.” You mumbled into Chanyeol’s chest as you hugged your husband. Chanyeol looked down at you, wrapped around his waist, and smiled. He couldn’t honestly couldn’t imagine his life without you. You were his love, his life, his family and his heaven. And now Chanyeol would be expanding his heaven and family to an amazing son. “We are,” Chanyeol smiled “and I couldn’t imagine sharing this moment with anyone else.” Chanyeol finished as he wrapped his own arms around you. You looked up at Chanyeol and smiled, it was Chanyeol’s favourite smile; the one that reached all the way to your eyes. “Me too. You’re the only one I would ever want to share my life with and have a family with. I love you Chanyeol.” You confessed as you tightened your hold on Chanyeol. Chanyeol raised one hand to lift your chin to face him. “Me too ——, there is no one else I want to share my life with. No one else I’d rather start a family. And no one I’d rather be with than you.” Chanyeol responded leaning down so that his lips barely touched yours. “I love you.” Chanyeol confessed against your lips before capturing them in a sweet kiss.

The Fight

A Chen scenario!!! Enjoy~ ♥

You stood outside of your apartment nervously playing with your keys. You hadn’t been there since the fight and you were worried. What if he was home? What if he wasn’t home? You cringed at the thought of the second question. You knew you needed to apologize, but you didn’t know how after everything that had happened.

You and Chen were fighting over something you had both long forgotten but were both to stubborn to drop. “Why the hell do you have to be like this?” Chen screamed at you “why the hell am I like this? You’re the one who is being a fuckin’ drama queen.” You screamed back opening and closing your fist in an attempt to calm yourself. “Drama queen? Seriously you’re the one who keeps screaming at me, gosh why can’t you just drop this?” He yelled at you trying to hold down his last nerve “I would if you would stop fucking bringing it up, it’s like you want to fight? What fighting with your parents isn’t good enough for you anymore? So you got to take it out on me?” You said hitting a nerve, you knew he was having family issues but you didn’t care at that point you only wanted to tear him down and shut him up.

“You bitch…” he hissed at you, his eyes showing he was on the verge of tears. The realization of what you had just said hit you “Chen I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it I swear I….” “Get out” he said in a barely audible voice cutting you off “What?” you asked unsure if you heard him right. “I said Get out.” He was trembling from anger and you could see tears falling down his cheeks. You didn’t want to leave but you knew that if you stayed things would get worse. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Chen” you kept saying this as you made your way to the door. You didn’t bother to grab anything except your keys as you headed out the door.

The fight had happened a week ago. You had tried texting him apologizing for what you said but he never replied. So here you were standing outside of the apartment unsure of what to do. You decided that you would use the excuse of wanting to grab your stuff, the underlying message being you really wanted to see him. And if he wasn’t home you would take your stuff and leave him a note apologizing for what you said and assuring him he would never have to see you again. The thought of never seeing him again ripped at your heart. With one last nervous sigh you unlocked the door and pushed it open.

The apartment was dark and quiet. It looked as if nobody has been there in days. You stepped inside unsure of if you should call out for Chen. “Chen?” you called out quietly still unsure of how you were going to face him. “——?” a voice called from behind you. You froze on the spot his voice sent shivers throughout your body and brought tears to your eyes. “Chen I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean what I said and I know what I said hurt you and I’m so sorry for that and I promise that I will leave you alone after I collect all my stuff, you will never have to see me again.” you said in a rush your back still towards him. You were expecting Chen to yell at you, but instead you felt his strong warm arms wrap around your waist from behind. “I don’t want you to leave me.” he said into your hair “What you said did hurt me but the thought of losing you, the person I love most in this world, hurts me more. This week was worse than hell for me. I haven’t eaten or slept in days and I’m pretty sure I’m on the verge of going crazy, but I realized that by being mad at you wasn’t helping anything. I need you and I forgive you, I know you didn’t mean what you said.”

The tears were now pouring down your face; you couldn’t believe what he had just said. Chen had forgiven you for everything you had said to him even though you knew you had hurt him. You tried to form words but they came out as choked sobs. “I-I…” “It’s ok you don’t have to say anything.” With that Chen picked you up and carried you to the bedroom. Chen laid you down on the bed and positioned himself over you. “I love you.” He whispered before dropping down and kissing you passionately on the lips. You had missed this, the way your mouths just moved and molded together, how he smelt when you guys were close. You tangled your hands in his soft hair pulling him closer to you, and kissing him with more passion than he had brought. Chen pulled back first with a smirk on his face “Someone missed me” he said with a chuckle. You blushed and smiled up at him “I’m sorry, and I love you.” You said pulling Chen back down for another heated kiss. It was going to be a long night.

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